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27 April, Westminster, 18:00-19:30

May’s Digital Charities meeting will break with tradition and logic by actually being in April. Stella Creasy MP is hosting us in parliament and will talk about how email-your-MP is a broken model that needs changing.

Please come with ideas of what your ideal digital model of MP-engagement would be. How can charities channel the opinions of their supporters to MPs without swamping their inboxes with identikit messages? Or do MPs just need to get better filtering systems?

Esther Foreman’s excellent Shouting Down the House report is required pre-event reading and Esther’s also written a blog post about the background to the event.

Stella’s appearance on Quietroom’s podcast last month is also recommended.

It’s likely to be a popular event, numbers are limited and we may have to provide a list of names in advance, so please accept asap* if you want to come and turn up in good time. We’ll be uncharacteristically strict. And jaffa cakes will need to be security-screened.


* If you’re not already a member of our Slack team, please sign up. Membership is limited to people who work for a charity.