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It’s a festive DC in December, so let’s not get too serious.

At this month’s meeting, we thought it would be a great idea to get some things off your chest and have a right old laugh about them, so we’re having a fun session about your best failures.

It’s full Chatham House rules, so your secrets are safe with us.

What have you tried and failed at, what apps never made it, did that QR code die a painful death, how about the innovative microsite?

Please bring your finest failures with you – we won’t judge.

It’s not all for kicks – failures are an important part of our job (but we won’t make the same ones you did, am I right?!).

To get that truth juice flowing, this next session will also be our CHRISTMAS DRINKS! We’re starting a little later – 5pm – and will catch up in a pub rather than in an office.

When: Weds 2 December 5pm onwards.

Where: The Goldsmith Pub, Southwark. Map here.

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