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We’ll be talking digital transformation and governance at our November meeting.

It’ll focus on team structures, culture change, digital across your organisation and how to encourage your colleagues to get digital. It’s about principles rather than swanky new job titles in a massive digital team.

Nick Torday from Sift Digital will be popping in to present some of his ideas about digital transformation and governance before we open up the conversation.

Some little changes in the way you introduce digital, keep it on the agenda and include your colleagues could mean you’re not battling it alone.

We’ve had a few chats about governance over the years and the interesting thing is that the issues are pretty much the same, no matter the size of the charity.

It would be great to get some success stories about how it works in smaller orgs too – just comment on G+, email me or pitch in on the day.

Please try and let us know in advance on G+ so we know how many jaffa cakes to buy.

When: Weds 4 November 4-6pm

Where: Centrepoint HQ, 25 Camperdown Street, London, E1 8DZ. Map here.

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