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Organic reach is dead. Long live the sponsored post. Really? Is this what it has come to?

Join DC in October to talk about how changes in social media have affected your charity, your appeals and your campaigns. Do you have to rely on sponsored posts now or does organic work for you? What magic do you have in your content strategies? 

Is organic reach as rotten as an organic pear?

Please come armed with some stats – how has your social media engagement dwindled over the last year? What has created spikes? How much do you spend (chatham house rules guys)? WHAT DO WE DO?!

Please try and let us know if you’re coming either on Facebook or G+ so we know how many Jaffa Cakes to buy. Thanks.

When: Weds 1 Oct at 4pm (meetings tend to run to 6pm before we head to the pub!)

Where: Centrepoint HQ in Aldgate/Aldgate East – Central House, 25 Camperdown St, London, E1 8DZ

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