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It’s gonna be a fun one!

How can we make content more engaging? How can we get real stories across in a new, exciting and emotive way?

In July’s meeting, we’ll hear from digital storyteller Lisa Helledd-Jones from StoryWorks. She looks as presenting stories in a new way – from audio tours of hospitals to tales of footballing memories in sheds! Well also be looking at an interactive documentary by WDM.

Putting aside issues of governance and capacity, we want to hear about how you’ve incorporated stories into your content strategy. What works for you and your audience? Is it all pulling heart strings or dull case studies, or do you leave your story telling to Storify, blogs and Facebook?

Bring your ideas and, even more, bring us a story!

When: Weds 2 July 2014, 4-6pm (pub after!)

Where: Greenpeace, The Boiler House, Canonbury Villas

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