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Our Wednesday 5th of June meeting is on blogs and blogging, and being convened by Neil from WWF (thanks Neil!)
Here’s the suggested agenda / topics for discussion from Neil:

Covering the technical (stats, platforms, design, connection to other websites), the practical (who blogs, how do you support them, what training do you offer), and the creative (blogging style, formats, audience engagement techniques).

Your (easy peasy) homework is to bring us a very basic summary (could be verbal) of how you do it at your charity, and something interesting about your charity’s blog (or an interesting reason why you don’t have one!). A great post, something you’ve learned about your audiences, a clever technical innovation etc.

The WWF office where we’re meeting is in the Can Mezzanine, in Boardroom D in the basement (as Neil mentioned in comments.)

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If anyone has other suggestions for discussion, or other areas to cover, please add them to the comments below.