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As Oscar / general film awards season is upon us, the subject for the next Digital Charities meeting is video. Please come along and share your experiences, best-practices, blockbuster tips and advice for avoiding Kevin-Costner style flops.

We’ll be chatting about planning, making, and promoting video – from zero budget to not-quite-as-much-as-Titanic-cost budget.

If you’d like to nominate a video for a Digital Charity ‘Oscar’ (along with a category) please link to them in the comments below – alternatively if there’s a video you’d like to talk about, found inspiring or engaging, or featured a technique that you think has campaigning potential add those as well.

When: 6th February
Where: ActionAid, 33-39 Bowling Green Lane, London

Pete’s bringing the popcorn…


(suggestions welcome in the comments below!)

  • Hopefully we can have a discussion about some of the below – please add any example videos to the comments below
  • Planning the screenplay, location, concept and ideas
  • Filming – from cinematography to special effects and sound… what makes the perfect charity video?
  • Publishing – formats (is youtube still the main distributer, or is 6 second films the next big thing?)
  • Marketing – (perhaps put this at the beginning ) how many times have you been asked to ‘make it go viral?’
  • For your consideration.. – what makes a brilliant video, what makes a terrible video?
  • Next month meeting ideas