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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Aggy, the international digital campaigner at ActionAid. Tom and Ben have handed January’s Digital Charities meeting over to me to convene (i.e. I will be there with tea and biscuits) – so please come along! Leave a comment or a message on our Facebook page if you’re coming.

Here are the details for this month’s meeting:

The proposed subject for this meeting’s discussion: growing your list. It’s a biggie, because often with online campaigning you need big numbers of people taking action in order for your targets respond – as well as to get pick up on blogs, media and by activist communities.
This discussion could involve:

  • Paid for data: experiences and questions about, Care2 and others
  • Supporter journeys for new recruits: how to keep them on board/take them up the ladder of engagement
  • Different platforms: experiences/ideas on recruiting via social networks

Or any other points people want to discuss! Do come along and take part, or let me know ahead of time if you would like to talk about anything else.

When: 9th January (this Wednesday!)
Where: ActionAid, 33-39 Bowling Green Lane, London

You are all very welcome indeed, please do come if you can – let’s share/create some ideas about list building!

——–8<--------- As agreed in our November meeting, we're opening up the organising of our meetings (call it crowdsourcing if you like!) so please leave a comment if you're interested in running a meeting. If you also have a subject that you'd be interested in talking about, that would be very useful. --------8<--------- Here are some of the links that were mentioned in the meeting. Please add others to the comments: