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Our next meeting will be on Wednesday the 2nd May 2012. It will be at ActionAid (map below) from 4pm until 6pm with outstanding issues and chats most likely then taken to a local pub.

In terms of subject matter, we discussed quite a few options at the start of the year for what we wanted to talk about, and we were thinking it was about time to tackle ‘data’. It’s a pretty massive and amorphous topic, but we’re thinking the priority focus could be on Google Analytics, and we would hope to pull up a few people’s Analytics accounts so we can see how it’s being used well, and what people are tracking and learning.

If we get bored of Google Analytics, we could also talk about Open Data (particularly if anyone was at the ECF session and has notes they could share). As we shared social media monitoring tips in our February session, we should probably steer clear of rehashing that, but any other ideas for data related chat very welcome of course.

A quick additional question might be what are people doing to meet the new European legislation on cookies and privacy?

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