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Our next meeting is happening on Wednesday 2nd March at Amnesty UK.

We’ll be starting officially at 4pm, but a few of us will be around from 3pm, so feel free to come earlier.

We’re going to spend the meeting doing something a bit different – putting our wisdom into practice, by helping a small charity with their online presence.

The charity in question is the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation, an organisation that provides confidential advice and other support to Middle Eastern women and girls who are facing domestic violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and ‘honour’ based violence.

We’ve not got long, but we think a lot can be done by 20+ people in a room for a few hours!

Some of the areas we might help with:

  • Choosing and installing a new Joomla theme (or possibly migrating to a new platform)
  • Finding great plugins that will give extra functionality
  • Developing a social media presence and writing some advice on how they should manage it
  • Highlighting their best content
  • Recommending and/or implementing copy changes

There will be plenty to do for the technical and non-technical alike, and if you just want to listen and learn that is fine too!

As this will probably take longer than a couple of hours, we’ve got the room booked until 9pm (we’ll come to some arrangement re food). But of course, if you are only available for a couple of hours, we’d love to have you!