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Just thought I’d add a quick post to flag some of the changes coming up with CSS3.

While HTML5 will be likely to make a lot of our code much more semantically relevant, and a little neater as well, CSS3 is going to add movement to sites without having to resort to Javascript or Flash.

Obviously movement in the wrong hands leads to the scrolling marquee/animated gifs syndrome of the 90’s where everything and anything would nonsensically flash or whizz around. Also at the moment it’s best supported by the webkit browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc), and the timings are disregarded by Firefox which makes the movement abrupt.

In case you haven’t already, compare the rollover effect of the social media buttons (top right of this page) and the header, in Firefox, then Safari – predictably I don’t think IE supports any of these movements yet.

All movements on this site are controlled purely through CSS3, no javascript, no flash. It’s not very smooth yet, but it will improve, and be supported by all browsers eventually.

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