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Augmented reality has been receiving a lot of attention recently, and has to make you think – how can we use this new technology?

Obviously with the limited budgets we’re all subject to in the third sector, the likelihood of being able to build a mindblowing new augmented reality app might be a way off, but there may be other entry points. It might not be so long before we could see charities developing a data layer that these augmented reality apps run from. Even sooner than that, Layar has just relaunched for the iPhone using many layers which will soon inevitably be customisable, and with apps like WorldSurfer already drawing in location specific Google results and Flickr geo-tagged results, how long before there’s a smart way to get content onto these platforms…?

There’s already many other applications out there although their usefulness could be questionable…!

If you’ve had an inspired idea for this technology, leave it in the comments if you think there might be a collaborative / coalition-based way to develop something. Equally if you think it’s a massive waste of time and won’t catch on, feel free to state why below!
(If you’re a member of the Digital Charities group, or would like to be, get in touch for a login to the site so you can edit the article, or add supplementary info.)

Some other examples from the wild:
Hallmark’s augmented reality greetings cards.
A Japanese application to help people choose their makeup.
Adidas’ 3D world you control via your shoe

Here’s a more practical application – augmented reality video conferencing: