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Digital Charities is a group of over 700 people working in and for not-for-profit organisations, mostly in the UK. We share knowledge and help each other deliver compelling online campaigns, content and experiences for our supporters. New members and ideas for sessions are always welcome.

We meet from 4-6pm on the first Wednesday of the month, usually at the offices of one of our members, in London. We also share and discuss things in our online Slack team, and we’re on Twitter and Facebook too, obviously.

Below you’ll find notes of past meetings and advanced warning of future ones.

April: What makes a great agency?

Since time immemorial, Digital Charities has discussed the idea of some sort of database of agencies: who's brilliant, who's OK, who should be avoided at all costs. At this session, kindly hosted by Ailín at Conciliation Resources, we'll finally launch this project...

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March: Exploding heads

We’re taking a tiny tech break for March's DC session and instead focusing on content…namely VIDEO!BUT WE NEED YOU! Which of your charities has had a successful video recently? Content or marketing? Team generated or user generated? Costly or an iphone job?We'd also...

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February: Email marketing

It's February (mental), and we're talking email: what works, what doesn't, what makes you click, what makes you bin?We'll be covering systems, strategies, click-through rates and all that sexy stuff. We MAY have an exciting guest speaker!Either way, we need you to...

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January: Happy New Strategy

What better way to start the new year than with a Digital Charities look at strategy?Rob is hosting us at ActionAid and will talk through what he's doing re strategy. We'll be looking at digital strategies of all shapes and sizes: big general ones and smaller specific...

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October: Social media in crisis!

Organic reach is dead. Long live the sponsored post. Really? Is this what it has come to?Join DC in October to talk about how changes in social media have affected your charity, your appeals and your campaigns. Do you have to rely on sponsored posts now or does...

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September: Looking to the future!

September's theme is 'Looking to the future' and we're keen to get everyone involved. So please all bring with you something innovative/interesting your organisation is working on at the moment (Queensberry Rules apply, or is that Chatham House?) or a new trend or...

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July: Digital storytelling

It's gonna be a fun one! How can we make content more engaging? How can we get real stories across in a new, exciting and emotive way? In July's meeting, we'll hear from digital storyteller Lisa Helledd-Jones from StoryWorks. She looks as presenting stories in a new...

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June: Digital leadership

Brani will be presenting the first draft of her report from ECF about Digital Leadership and looking for feedback. And if anyone has anything else to discuss, please do bring topics/problems/amusing YouTube videos along.Thanks to Tom and Rob at ActionAid for hosting,...

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May: Online communities – tell us your tales

It's MAY! Hooray! To celebrate (!), we'll be looking at online communities - what platforms do you use, how do you engage, social media, email.We'd like everyone coming to May's DC meeting on Wednesday 7 May to bring an example of a successful online community. It...

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