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In June, we’ll be tackling the tricky subject of consent – ignorance is not bliss guys!

Consent is a big issue for charities – it could mean a huge reduction in the people you can contact, and therefore the amount of donations or actions you need. But is it really a bad thing? Could it mean we work with quality, not quantity?

GDPR, strategy, data protection processes, opt in campaigns, getting the bosses on board with change…there’s a lot to cover. At this month’s meeting, we’re joined by David Cole, MD of fast.MAP, which is supporting charities with consent strategy and implementation, and Melanie Sallis of the Woodland Trust, which has already started working on a consent plan.

The meeting is kindly being hosted by Unicef, Great Sutton Street, London.

Wednesday 7 June 2017, 4.15-6pm (a slightly later start this month).

If you’d like to come along but aren’t yet a Digital Charities member, it’s easy to join up. Let us know if you’re coming in the event channel in the Slack team: #2017-06-07-consent