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May: Online communities – tell us your tales

It’s MAY! Hooray! To celebrate (!), we’ll be looking at online communities – what platforms do you use, how do you engage, social media, email.

We’d like everyone coming to May’s DC meeting on Wednesday 7 May to bring an example of a successful online community. It might be yours, it might not. We’ll look into what makes them great (or rubbish) and ask the question…what does the user get out of it?

We’ll also be using our own DC community as an example, so prepare to be quizzed!


Hope you can make it.

When: Weds 7 May at 4pm

Where: Can Mezzanine – 32-36 Loman St, London, SE1 0EH (click for a map)


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  • erica canova

    Attention Blue October Family!!: Please help my friend Sarah get to go to the 5/18 show in Myrtle Beach, SC. She is a devout Blue fan, and has never gotten to see them live and lately has had just one bad break after another. She actually already has her ticket and meet and greet pass to the show, lives in jacksonville florida, and was planning on taking a road trip and leaving first thing in the morning with her boyfriend. She figured she would get there sometime on the 16th, stay with a distant relative, enjoy the nice break from home, and go to the show on the 18th. Well, about a month ago she was involved in a car accident on her way home from work, which not only left her car severely damaged, but she was hospitalized for 4 days and left with a broken arm and 2 cracked ribs.She has been healing well, but out of work, and the insurance couldnt determine whose fault it was, so she was left to fix the car herself. Her boyfriend has been nice throughout it all, helpful fixing the car and supportive, and they both agreed that this Blue October concert would be like their vacation and healing time together, but right about 2 days after getting the car back in shape, (just about a week ago,) the boyfriend took off to work with her car, wallet, and brand new cell phone, and left her pretty much stranded. Ive been staying with her at the apartment, and shes been back and forth from her grandmothers, honestly thinking that her boyfriend would feel remorse and come home, but its been a week now and no sign of him and I think its over for good. She is heartbroken of course, but with all of the other stuff thats been happening to her, she just doesnt know what to think anymore. She is thinking that she has no way now to go to the concert, even though she still has her tickets and meet and greet passes in her desk drawer. She just doesn’t see a way between her boyfriend leaving with the car, not being able to afford a plane ticket, and all the mess with the accident. That’s why im hoping to surprise her, but I cannot afford it on my own. She has the tickets to the show, and an aunt that she doesnt see much but that already agreed to let her stay, all the needs is a way up there and so far the cheapest i’ve found is a $720 round trip ticket from Jax fl to Myrtle beach, SC from the 16th-19th, returning early morning on the 19th. She deserves this so much and would be ecstatic if I came to her with tickets and told her they were from all of her Blue family. I thought maybe if we all donated small amounts, we could reach the goal! I thought too , if the goal is reached and tickets can be purchased I want to take a video to capture the surprise and post it on the page after for all to see! If you do feel kind enough to donate to the Send Sarah to South Carolina Fund, please send funds through paypal, at joycanova89@gmail.com . If and when funds are met, I will edit post so that noone else donates, and will send verification link to anyone who requests of the confirmation of ticket purchase, and pictures of her ecstatic face! She really does just need this trip, shes been so bummed these last few days at the thought of not being able to go to this concert on top of everything else