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March meeting 2013: SEO and advertising

More on this soon, but just to get it in your diaries.

Our March meeting is being convened by Anoop Maini, and will be focused on SEO and more generally advertising.

Please give us your suggestions for what you’d like to cover and we’ll have more info about the agenda soon.

**Please note owing to room availability we’ll be located in ActionAid again, rather than WSPA as originally stated**
When: 4pm, 6th March
Where: ActionAid, 33-39 Bowling Green Lane, EC1R 0BJ

  • http://twitter.com/asmaini A.S.Maini

    Good evening all.

    As the convener (have I made that word up?) of the meet I just thought I’d add some words as to how it came about.

    Charities that receive Google Grants, the adwords programme for nonprofits, have recently seen a change in the terms of the grant. It is discussed here:

    I suggested that this might be a good topic, and we decided to widen the discussion to the whole range of online advertising. I think the article above is a good a point as any to start from, and I look forward to seeing what others have to add and where the discussion goes.

    It (almost) goes without saying that I will be supplying some kind of biscuit/baked good/culinary reward to the fine folk that take the time to attend.

  • Susan Luxford

    Really good meeting so thanks Anoop – really helpful. We were asked about potential ideas for the next meeting. I was wondering whether we could do something around our websites – I’m looking to overhaul the current one I manage so would be really good to just get some shared knowledge of web agencies we’ve worked with and liked, the different back-end/CMS setups other charities have, popular website features etc? What do others think?