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September: Agile Vs waterfall

TLC knew it when they sang ‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls’…and we know it.

Join us at September’s DC meeting to discuss agile Vs waterfall development and other different ways you can plan the continuing development of your websites and digital projects.

We have a guest speaker from Aptivate, a digital agency from Brighton which specialises in agile dev for international development charities.

Join us on Wednesday for chats and pub after.

When: Weds 2 Sept at 4pm

Where: Techhub, Shoreditch. Thanks to Laila from Raising IT for hosting. Map here.

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July: Donate pages and payment gateways

Simple changes to your donate landing pages and the way you take people’s money can have a huge impact on conversions.

In July’s meeting, we’ll be looking at examples of great donate pages, including the new British Heart Foundation website. Well also discuss forms Vs Paypal. Is simple best? What kind of design? Any innovative ones you’ve seen? How do you promote monthly Vs one-off?

Please bring with you some examples of donate pages and payment gateways – or even non-charity shopping carts.

While we’re at, let’s chat about mobile donations too. Anyone used them? Is the dreaded QR code making a come back?

If you fancy presenting, please let us know. The more the merrier.

July’s meet is at Centrepoint HQ in Aldgate…and there’s a new roof top bar just round the corner for afterwards!

When: Weds 1 July, 4pm

Where: Centrepoint, Aldgate. Map here.

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Ps sorry for the lack of a post in June. IT WAS SO BUSY!

May: Open Source

For a while now we’ve been hearing about the value and potential of open source development. Some of us already use open source services and products for our CMS solutions, or to get us access to information sources. We may even have explored creating open source software ourselves.

May’s meeting is a chance to hear more about the ethos behind open source, and see some great examples of it in action.

Our main speaker is Robin Johnson, a big advocate of open source, with the exciting title of Developer Evangelist at SendGrid, an email marketing company who do lots of open source. https://sendgrid.com/blog/robin-johnson-developer-evangelist/

We’d also like you to bring your examples of open source projects you’ve worked on, or seen in action. Oliver from Friends of the Earth will be showing us their mapping tool, and we know there are lots of other great examples out there, so please bring yours.

When: Weds 6 April, 4pm

Where: Article 19, Farringdon. Map here.

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April: What makes a great agency?

Since time immemorial, Digital Charities has discussed the idea of some sort of database of agencies: who’s brilliant, who’s OK, who should be avoided at all costs. At this session, kindly hosted by Ailín at Conciliation Resources, we’ll finally launch this project with a fanfare and hopefully lots of crowd-sourced experiences (i.e. from all of you).

We’ll also be discussing the best ways of working with agencies and pitfalls to look out for, as well as creating an ever-growing list of agencies – reviews included – which will be available for all DC members.

Digital April fools optional.

When: Weds 1 April, 4pm

Where: Conciliation Resources, Burghley Yard, 106 Burghley Road, London, NW5 1AL. Map here.

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March: Exploding heads

We’re taking a tiny tech break for March’s DC session and instead focusing on content…namely VIDEO!

BUT WE NEED YOU! Which of your charities has had a successful video recently? Content or marketing? Team generated or user generated? Costly or an iphone job?

We’d also like everyone to bring at least one charity video that they love so we can play some great ones and chat about them.

But why the event name, you ask? Well, Richard Curtis made a film about climate change featuring exploding heads of children. It was banned. But did it get the message across before it was wiped from our screens?

When: Weds 4 March, 4pm

Where: Can Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH, from 4pm.

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February: Email marketing

It’s February (mental), and we’re talking email: what works, what doesn’t, what makes you click, what makes you bin?

We’ll be covering systems, strategies, click-through rates and all that sexy stuff. 

We MAY have an exciting guest speaker!

Either way, we need you to take part this month. Please bring an example of a campaign that’s worked well for you in the past year, and one that hasn’t. 

It would also be good if you could come armed with some stats that you’d be happy to share with the group.

This month we’ll be at Leonard Cheshire in Vauxhall. And of course we’ll move to a nearby pub afterwards. 

When: Weds 4 Feb at 4pm

Where: Leonard Cheshire Disability, 66 South Lambeth Rd. Map here.

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January: Happy New Strategy

What better way to start the new year than with a Digital Charities look at strategy?Rob is hosting us at ActionAid and will talk through what he’s doing re strategy. We’ll be looking at digital strategies of all shapes and sizes: big general ones and smaller specific ones.Are separate content and social media strategies a good idea? How can we best get internal buy-in? What’s the point of a strategy anyway? And what should one actually look like?

Please bring examples and questions along with you.

Then afterwards we’ll go to the pub in an attempt to weaken the resolve of any abstemious new year’s resolutions you might still have left by then.

When: Weds 7 Jan 2015 4-6pm
Where: ActionAid – 33-39 Bowling Green Lane, EC1R 0BJ
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December: Has Santa brought you a successful Christmas campaign?

A show-and-tell session about how your charity does Christmas. Digitally, obviously. With a probable emphasis on fundraising and campaigning opportunities, but also space for festive greetings, charity gifts and the best mulled wine recipes. We’re a pretty multi-faith/pagan/atheist bunch so things you do around other celebrations would be interesting too. 

We’ll provide mince pies and in order to get the room for free, drinking (during and after) will be obligatory. Consumption of alcohol won’t be enforced but may help! 

Meeting in the room upstairs from 4-6 followed by drinks downstairs in the bar. Hope to see lots of you there. If you can’t make the meeting, come along afterwards.

As usual, please try and let us know if you’re coming either on Facebook or G+ so we know how many mince pies to buy. Thanks.

When: Weds 3 Dec at 4pm

Where: Canal 125, Caledonian Rd, London.

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October: Social media in crisis!

Organic reach is dead. Long live the sponsored post. Really? Is this what it has come to?

Join DC in October to talk about how changes in social media have affected your charity, your appeals and your campaigns. Do you have to rely on sponsored posts now or does organic work for you? What magic do you have in your content strategies? 

Is organic reach as rotten as an organic pear?

Please come armed with some stats – how has your social media engagement dwindled over the last year? What has created spikes? How much do you spend (chatham house rules guys)? WHAT DO WE DO?!

Please try and let us know if you’re coming either on Facebook or G+ so we know how many Jaffa Cakes to buy. Thanks.

When: Weds 1 Oct at 4pm (meetings tend to run to 6pm before we head to the pub!)

Where: Centrepoint HQ in Aldgate/Aldgate East – Central House, 25 Camperdown St, London, E1 8DZ

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September: Looking to the future!

September’s theme is ‘Looking to the future’ and we’re keen to get everyone involved. So please all bring with you something innovative/interesting your organisation is working on at the moment (Queensberry Rules apply, or is that Chatham House?) or a new trend or tool that you would like to learn more about in the next year.

We’ll also be dialling in Duane from ECF to tell us a little about what the ECF community is interested in at the moment, and you’ll have a chance to suggest topics for next year’s Forum.