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Digital Charities is a group of people working together to share web knowledge and help each other deliver compelling web campaigns and content for our supporters. New members and ideas for sessions are always welcome.

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month, usually at the offices of one of our members, in London. We also have an online Slack team, and we’re on Twitter and Facebook too, obviously.

Below are notes of past meetings and advanced warning of future ones.

May: online style guides

For May we’ll be talking online style guides. Ones that emphasise design and ones that emphasise content. And, best of all, ones that combine the two. We’ll be looking at good examples and why and how to make them. We're being kindly hosted by Cystic Fibrosis Trust...

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April: data and data visualisation

This month we're talking numbers. And pictures about numbers. We'll be at ODI, from 4-6pm on Wednesday 5 April. We have two guest speakers: Jeff Knezovich is a data visualisation specialist and consultant. He'll talk about different ways to visualise data, from using...

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November – Google-ing the Googlers

November’s session is about all the Google Non-profits scheme, YouTube and probably some other Google-related things. Bring your questions for Alexia from Google for Nonprofits and Jenny from YouTube. If you’re not already on DC’s Slack group, then now’s a great time...

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October – rebuilding your website

October’s session is about rebuilding websites: how to do it without insanity or violence; how not to do it; even how to avoid having to do it at all. Gemma will be sharing her experiences of creating the great new Centrepoint site, project manager Holly Smith will...

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September – Video

Video – the state of the world of video, it’s applications to charity communications, budget implications and some best practice and great examples from Richard Roaf at Alter-Eco. Please bring your own examples too. If you’re not already on DC’s Slack group, then...

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August – Tightening the Slack

Tightening the Slack - how to optimise Slack for your charity: top tips and experience from our esteemed chair Julius, plus what's worked for you at your charities...   If you're not already on DC's Slack group, then now's a great time to take the plunge. That's...

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July: long-form content

Long-form content: what are the options for tools and techniques, what works, what doesn’t... Julia and Ed from Homemade Digital are coming, to talk about how they made Aftershock for DEC. Sophie and Anya from Soapbox will also be there. They recently wrote a really...

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June: digital skills and tools

June's meeting is about digital skills and tools - the thing we ALL know we need more of. We'll be taking a good old look at: •    Deciding on what digital skills are key to reach general charity objectives – it could be nice to know we’re all on a similar page, or...

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Digital MPs: a constructive relationship?

27 April, Westminster, 18:00-19:30 May's Digital Charities meeting will break with tradition and logic by actually being in April. Stella Creasy MP is hosting us in parliament and will talk about how email-your-MP is a broken model that needs changing. Please come...

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