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Digital Charities is a group of over 900 people working in and for not-for-profit organisations, mostly in the UK. We share knowledge and help each other deliver compelling online campaigns, content and experiences for our supporters. New members and ideas for sessions are always welcome.

We meet from 4-6pm on the first Wednesday of the month, usually at the offices of one of our members, in London. We also share and discuss things in our online Slack team, and we’re on Twitter and Facebook too, obviously.

Below you’ll find notes of past meetings and advanced warning of future ones.

February 2018: the future

For our first 2018 meetup we’ll be discussing the future: what’s going to change, and how? What are the possibilities? How can we make the most of them? What will the challenges be? What are good examples of the future already happening? Bring a prediction along with...

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December: Christmas pub times

In classic DC style, December's meet up is in the pub, chatting about the year's successes, failures and what the next year may hold. If anything, come to see co-chair Neil's Christmas jumper! WHEN: Wednesday 6 December, from 4pm 'til late! WHERE: The Three Johns,...

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November: Non-digital people

How do you deal/communicate with people outside the digital space? In November's meet up, we chat about how we enthuse colleagues and stakeholders about digital stuff and not alienate them. Tricky, right? Or is it? WHERE: Space4 Tech, Finsbury Park WHEN: We’re...

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October: Blockchain

October's DC is looking at the weird and wonderful world of Blockchain and how it could change fundraising as we know it. Blockchain is, according to Wiki, 'a continuously growing list of records, linked and secured using cryptography'. Simple yes? Techy as it is...

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July: SEO

July's meeting is about SEO and where it fits in your content strategy. Top tips, must dos, how to get everyone involved and how it can change your digital life. We welcome Drew from The New Ethical back, who's worked in SEO for more than 15 years and Kate Sanger,...

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June: consent

In June, we'll be tackling the tricky subject of consent - ignorance is not bliss guys! Consent is a big issue for charities - it could mean a huge reduction in the people you can contact, and therefore the amount of donations or actions you need. But is it really a...

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May: online style guides

For May we’ll be talking online style guides. Ones that emphasise design and ones that emphasise content. And, best of all, ones that combine the two. We’ll be looking at good examples and why and how to make them. We're being kindly hosted by Cystic Fibrosis Trust...

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April: data and data visualisation

This month we're talking numbers. And pictures about numbers. We'll be at ODI, from 4-6pm on Wednesday 5 April. We have two guest speakers: Jeff Knezovich is a data visualisation specialist and consultant. He'll talk about different ways to visualise data, from using...

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February: social

Feb's meet up is about the other side social - innovative and creative paid social campaigns. We'll be joined by Deniz Hasan of Clockwork Pie, who will talk about the importance of brand campaigns and targeting on social channels, as well as the organic content that...

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